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05 September 2017

Mombasa Port Kicks Emissions With New Cranes

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Port of Mombasa has received a major boost to lifting capacity and environmental mitigation with the arrival of two modern diesel electric cranes worth US$8.7 million.

Kenya Ports Authority took delivery of a pair of portal harbour cranes on September 29, 2017.

They were ordered to support the Port of Mombasa's resilient port infrastructure initiatives, as well as to mitigate its environmental impacts.

African non-profit Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) paid for the cranes using the UK government’s International Climate Fund (ICF) facility, while working closely with the Authority to develop a green port policy.

The policy highlights the need to put people first, while addressing the negative impacts of port operations, sustainability of operations, and the need for technology-rich operations.

The ICF Fund, which ran from 2011-2016, supported climate change mitigation measures in developing nations.

Port of Mombasa aims to leader among ports providing sound stewardship and management of the environment affected by port operations.

So far TMEA and the authority have carried out short-term, high-impact projects such as improving the accessibility of gate 18/20.

Separately, the Kenyan Government’s modernization project has allowed dredging of the entrance channel which has enabled the port to handle larger vessels.

It has also helped with upgrading of Yard 5 to increase the capacity at the port. 


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